Companies, large or small, can greatly benefit from The Desk concierge services

We had a fantastic time and it was all so well organised.
AC, Sweden/UK


Companies, large or small, can greatly benefit from The Desk concierge services.

  • Create client/supplier loyalty
    Buy a membership to The Desk as a gift for key clients and suppliers and strengthen those relationships. We provide them with a much appreciated service and you get all the thanks.
  • Lighten the workload
    Buy our services as an additional resource to lighten the load of your staff.
    P.A.s, commercial, sales and H.R. departments can give us the jobs they don't have the time, or expertise, to do.
  • Save costs
    Use The Desk instead of hiring extra staff. Use us and you don't have to pay for salaries, holidays and sick days.
    If your business fluctuates, use The Desk during your busy periods. The alternative would be to hire extra staff that you cannot justify in slower times.
  • Enhance employee loyalty
    Buy our service as a benefit for directors and key employees.
    People are the biggest asset that a business has. Companies spend large sums of money on the recruitment, training, motivation and retention of their staff. The need to attract and reward top employees has never been greater.
    The Desk can help businesses attract and retain staff and become the employer of choice.
    By offering our lifestyle management services to your key employees as a benefit, you will increase their morale, motivation and productivity, at relatively little cost to you.
    Surveys show that striking the right work/life balance is of great importance to employees and our concierge membership is of great benefit to them in this regard, helping to build genuine commitment. We undertake their 'to-do' lists ,keeping their stress levels down and leaving them free to concentrate on their work. Absenteeism, retention, productivity and job satisfaction should all improve as a result.

The Desk can offer cost effective corporate membership, with special rates depending on the number of employees involved.

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